What Dangerous Creature?

Whilst perusing the internet, looking for something I could write about Romania for my writing group’s travelogue, I came across this story.


I thought it deserved a poem in dedication.



What Dangerous Creature?

Poenari Castle—gothic—stands
atop some green and pleasant lands,
the Arges River flows below,
the home where Vlad was known to go.

Twas here the Vampire Legend grew,
with Stoker claiming that he knew
of fiends who, more dead than alive,
on blood of others, seemed to thrive.

How true his claims, we cannot say,
but still we visit, to this day,
to tour the castle, look for clues
that Dracula lived on blood and booze.

I heard that tours today have stopped,
for danger lurks that must be cropped,
the creatures who are dwelling there?
A mother with her baby bears!


Author: chocotales

I am a writer who is passionate about words. I find them magical and seductive. I write short stories, poetry, and non fiction. I'm currently working on my first novel.

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