New Year’s Resolution Jar!(Please Reblog!)

I don’t normally make resolutions, as I hate setting myself up for failure. 2018 is going to be my year, though, and so I thought I would put in writing the things I need to do to work toward my dreams. What about you? Have you made any resolutions this year?

Learning to Live : Struggling to Thrive

Alright all! Here is the resolution jar I promised to put up! I’m so excited to share this!

*dances around singing* Am I copying,Graciea little here!? Yeah…I am! Oh, well, who cares? She’s awesome!

How This Will Work!

You will all comment any hopes or resolutions for this year in the comments below!

I will collect them all and write them down, as well as, emailing them to myself! I will not lose them y’all, I promise!

Then I will delete the post so you will forget them!

Now for the exciting year I will post them all again and you will get to see what resolutions you kept and what hopes or dreams finally came to fruition!

Then you get to tell me what happened with them all and I’ll do another post to let everyone know how this year went for all of you!


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