Soft, dark hair
falls across her face
as she sleeps.
I watch her chest rise
and fall,
committing every moment of
my daughter’s babyhood to
memory …
this second-born is the last child I shall
my Sitara;
beautiful, innocent,
but in whose birth
I lost that which makes me a
without choice,
they took my femininity,
and with it, the love of my
husband …
plans of a large family
no longer attractive,
dreams shattered in
the work of a doctor
whose job should be to protect—
not mutilate—
at the bidding of a
who care not for the rights of


Author: chocotales

I am a writer who is passionate about words. I find them magical and seductive. I write short stories, poetry, and non fiction. I'm currently working on my first novel.

5 thoughts on “Sterile”

      1. Yeah, I know. I was really moved by the articles I read, that’s why I wrote about it. Apparently, the government of the country in question uses forced sterilisation as an unofficial means of controlling population growth.

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