I have spent my life writing. I am passionate about words and I love the way they work together to send tingles up and down people’s spines.

I only started to share my work with others in the last two years. It never occurred to me to do this before. When I finally took that first step, I was overwhelmed with the positive response I received. I never considered my work to be any good. I’m starting to change my mind. I’ve had a story and two poems published this last year, and I’m working on other projects.

The main aim for this next year is to get the first draft of my novel written. Can I do it? Absolutely. I must have faith. I took part in NaNoWriMo in 2015 and 2016, and I managed to write a whole novel each year. But neither of them were my best work. How could they be, when they were written in less than a month? Maybe I’ll return to them one day. But the novel I’m working on now is a new one. It’s one that I aim to publish. This blog, I figured, is a good place to share my thoughts as I go through each hair-pulling stage. I also want to share more of my work on here.

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