I’ve just spotted an activity on the online writing group of which I’m a member. It’s called ‘Soundtrackers,’ and it’s an activity I’ve taken part in previously and really enjoyed. So, I’ve signed up for this month, and I thought it would be kinda cool to share my entries with you guys.

The prompt for this activity is to, each day, share and write about a song from the year of our birth until now that means a lot to us, discussing why it means so much. This is perfect for me. Music is so important to me, and I’m rarely without it. So, here is my first choice:

Hold Me Close by David Essex

I chose this song for a few reasons. Firstly, it was number one the week I was born, so it fits with the prompt really well. Secondly, I love the song. From David’s sexy, cockney voice, to the catchy, bouncy melody, it all really appeals to me. And then, there is the beautiful David Essex. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t in love with him. I remember watching him on a chat show when I was really young—probably under ten—and falling in love with his cheeky smile and doey eyes. Whatever charisma is, he has it in spades.

My Dad really liked his music, too, and I remember holding hands with him and dancing around the living room to a record of his which played on the old Gramophone Player. Most of my happy childhood memories are linked with music. My bad ones, too, if I’m honest. But, no bad with David Essex. I will always smile when I hear him.

Just as I hit my teenage years, a TV show called ‘The River’, and starring David Essex, showed on TV. I think it must have been on Sunday nights because I remember getting ready for bed early and sitting on the sofa next to Dad, watching this show that we both loved. That’s such a happy memory. It always amazes me how much power music holds. A couple of notes of a song, and I can be in floods of tears, or smiling and basking in the warmth of a truly beautiful memory. This song is most definitely the latter. I hope you enjoy it.