A Sense of Entitlement

My prompt for this was to write about greed. This story is fictional, although it is based on people I have known.



A Sense of Entitlement

Wilma pulled her car onto Edna’s driveway and sighed. There was nothing worse than the obligatory days spent with Edna.

Jumping from the car, she straightened up, and lifted her chin high. Her nostrils flared, detecting an imaginary, unsavoury smell. She knocked on the frail old lady’s door and let herself in.

“Oh, Wilma. Lovely to see you. Come in.” The old lady’s pale blue eyes sparkled as she pulled her ex daughter-in-law close.

“Hiya.” Her eyes scanned the room, resting on the money pot on the mantelpiece. “I see you’re still keeping that in here.” She forced her eyes back to Edna, who was heading into the kitchen to make tea.

How easy it would have been to plunge her hand into the jar and take everything, but no; she was holding out for the big one. Her heart quickened as she thought about the prospect of inheriting the house. She licked her lips, feeling she was ready to run a race.

With tea and biscuits in her chubby fingers, Wilma sat in the living room, sweeping her eyes from side to side. The photograph of her with Edna’s son, taken a couple of months before he died, sickened her. She had given him the choice: “Buy me the house and move in, or I’ll move in with the guy I’ve been seeing behind your back.” It wasn’t her fault he was weak.

“Oh, I have news. Molly took me to see the solicitor. I needed to sort out my will.” Edna placed her cup on the coffee table.

Wilma’s skin tingled. Her moment had finally arrived. Edging forward in her seat, she slowed her breathing as she waited to hear the news.

“I’m leaving everything to Rose. I want it to go to family.”

Leaping from her chair, Wilma erupted; eyes bulging, face scarlet. Heavy-booted feet stomped the ground as a chain of expletives flew through the air. “I’ve come here once every month to sit with you. How dare you leave me nothing. I’m family!”

With a voice that sounded steadier than it felt, Edna asked her to leave. This response wasn’t entirely surprising. Everyone told her Wilma was only after her money. That’s why she made up the lie about her will.

As she leaned in close, their heads almost collided. Spittle landed on Edna’s cheek as Wilma
hissed, “This is it. You will never see me again.”

The bulky figure of her ex daughter-in-law slammed the front door behind her. A veil of sadness settled over Edna. She had just lost the last link to her only son. A single tear fell over her cheek. Logically, she had done the right thing. Wilma didn’t deserve anything. But loneliness seemed such a heavy price to pay.



The challenge my writing group has given me this week is to write seven short stories or poems, inspired by Queen songs. I love this challenge because I’m a huge fan of Queen. The only difficulty is narrowing it down to seven. We can use lyrics from the song, or simply be inspired by the song and build on that. I’ll share my writings over the next few days.

So, onto the first one. I chose the song ‘Innuendo’ because I love the message at its core. It’s a song about breaking down boundaries and living limitless lives. It’s about being accepting of others and fighting for what is right. Plus, it has an amazing flamenco guitar section. Anyway, here is my poem:



Babies born to babies
living on minimum wage,
failed by education;
a system that doesn’t
care . . .

Where is the justice
for those who cannot speak?
Why the apathy
as we pass by the
bundles of people
under cardboard?

We have to keep on fighting,
surrender our egos . . .
The man at the top must lead
the way to love,
or hope cannot survive.
While we rule by blind madness and
the world will never be free,
while our lives are dictated by
false religion
our tempos fall out of
sync with goodness . . .

But you can be anything you want
to be
if we all come together,
stop living according to
race, colour, or
creed; lose our
entitlement greed,
be free to ourselves.

This is my
imploring you, give me
a reason to live or
and I’ll keep on fighting
till the end of time,
till the end of time.