light lunch


light lunch

a flashing rainbow

peering up through still water

dragonfly shimmers





Sagittarius ~ A Haiku Chain

the Archer with sling and bow
never tie them down

flitting to and fro
travelling continents wide
wanderers searching

innate need to know
information gatherers
sponges soaking facts

thoughtfully watching
as questions of universe
frolic in their minds

eager to try out new things
nothing is too much

no need for worry
things will always work out right
life the adventure

honesty valued
inability to lie
tactless comments made

conviction of thoughts
speaking views and stating facts

keeping bodies trim
physical strength important
sporting prowess rules

playful with partners
keeping lovers on their toes
fun-filled and content

Russia Haiku

St. Basils

Following on from the first part of my essay about my trip to Russia, I wrote these haiku this morning, and I thought I’d share them with you.


Red Square

black-booted soldiers
stomping watchfulness over
one already dead

St. Basil’s Cathedral

rainbow-coloured twists
intricate architecture
st basil’s stands tall

Gorky Park

wind of change echoes
as we walk through Gorky Park
following moscva

Pioneer Camp

pioneer kids greet
perform show of song and dance
hearts and souls soar high

The Kremlin

behind kremlin wall
great tsar bell remains silent
cracked when fire broke out

Love Of My Life



A Haiku Sonnet

words in anger tossed
into boxing ring of love
we punch back and forth

hurt egos buzzing
we return to our corners
and lick our wounds clean

bags packed love withdrawn
i watch your figure fade out
my world crashes down

silent house deafens
ghosts of happier times haunt
how i still love you

love of my life you’ve hurt me
don’t take it away from me