The New Home

I wrote this piece of flash as a response to the challenge of writing a 100 word story.

Frail Hands


The New Home

Breaking glass shatters my thoughts.

“Who’s there?”

Silence. My heart thrums, reverberating inside my head. Why are they torturing me? Grabbing Steve’s baseball thingy, I creep toward the sound.

The cooking room, that’s where they are. I push the door open and catch her red-handed. “Stay where you are, I’m calling the police!”

“Mum, it’s me, Claire. Put the bat away.”

“No, stop trying to trick me. You’re here to—“ The words get lost somewhere inside my mind. Why can’t I remember?

“Oh, Mum. Let’s get you to bed. You’re just over-excited about your new home.”



Where We End

This is a Diamante Poem. The pattern consists of seven lines which forms the shape of a diamond when centered on the page. The first and seventh lines each consist of a single noun. Each noun is the antonym of the other, creating the opportunity to present unusual contrasts. The second and sixth lines are each two adjectives describing their respective nouns. The third and fifth lines are each three gerunds (present participles) describing their associated antonym. The fourth line contains four nouns, with two relating to each antonym.

Where We End

united, shared
fusing, joining, combining
friendship, marriage, separation, divorce
isolating, detaching, disconnecting
solitary, companionless,