Waggle Dance

This is a silly, little poem I wrote after watching a documentary on honey bees.


Honey Bee


Oh, come with me,

Said the honey bee,

Let me show you where to go

If you take your stance,

Do the waggle dance,

The nectar, it will flow

Now, get in line,

To see where to dine,

Just follow my dancing rear,

We all join in

Then we take to our wings

In a quest to please Queenie Dear

It may seem funny

We produce so much honey,

But the profits we never see,

They end up in a jar

And are shipped afar;

The saga of a dancing bee


Colour & Hope



Colour & Hope


Navy night  s t r e t c h i  n   g

as far as I can see,

my head resting on tuffets

of feathery grass,

warmth spirals from

head to toe,

and musty earth 


me to sleep.

Psychedelic butterflies

flit and

f    l   o    a    t

leaving trails of 

purple and blue,

flashes of beauty

sparking the sky with 

colour and hope.

Pearls of rain





onto my skin,

waking my senses to the world,

and with fresh eyes

I marvel as nature lives

all around me.

A smile tries to sit


on my lips;

If only we didn’t take it for granted.

This Too Shall Pass

Bare Branches

A Than Bauk

This Too Shall Pass

Bare branches sway,
shortest day falls;
makes way for spring.


A Than Bauk consists of three lines of four syllables. The nickname for this form of poetry, could be “Stairway”, because of the rhyme steps through the poem. This is the basic rhyme scheme:

O. O. O. a
O. O. a. O
O. a. O. b