Waggle Dance

This is a silly, little poem I wrote after watching a documentary on honey bees.


Honey Bee


Oh, come with me,

Said the honey bee,

Let me show you where to go

If you take your stance,

Do the waggle dance,

The nectar, it will flow

Now, get in line,

To see where to dine,

Just follow my dancing rear,

We all join in

Then we take to our wings

In a quest to please Queenie Dear

It may seem funny

We produce so much honey,

But the profits we never see,

They end up in a jar

And are shipped afar;

The saga of a dancing bee

Canada’s Nectar

A little, silly something for today …

Maple Syrup


Canada’s Nectar

My favourite vegetable, by far,
is not what you’d expect
(No, not chocolate, although that
would come in second best.)
The veggie that I most crave
comes from Canada, so fair,
I eat it with my pancakes,
which my hubby makes with care.
Yes, Maple Syrup is my choice
of vegetable supreme,
And before you argue, “It’s not veg,”
my case, I must convene.
The syrup comes from Maple Trees,
the liquid: rather plain,
but boil it up and watch it change,
It will be hard to abstain.
My point is this: the Maple Tree
is a plant, complete with leaves,
and, surely, that means Canada’s best
into me, good health breathes!


I had planned to share this yesterday as it was Pancake Day in the UK, but, well, you know about best laid plans and all that jazz!