United No More

This is an editorial I wrote last year. I was given the subject of unity and how this works in the 21st century. These are my thoughts. Just my own thoughts. You don’t have to agree.




United No More

When did the world become such an uncaring place? Has it really changed so much?

It saddens me I when hear the hate rhetoric that is not only spewed from the misguided masses, but now it is part of our politicians’ manifestos. The frightening thing is that we are listening to them. We believe that refusing to admit all refugees who have nowhere to live, other than in the middle of a war zone or under the canvas of a makeshift tent that has been cobbled together to provide the minimum protection, will save us all from certain terrorism. We believe that taking away benefits from the most vulnerable in society, simply because their illness is mental, therefore not visible, will make the hardworking among us richer and happier. Because, after all, the mentally ill are simply scroungers who could work if they really wanted to. My mind is blown by this kind of thinking.

I don’t understand when or why everyone became so selfish. There was a time, and it wasn’t so long ago, that we felt united. People helped one another. People cared about one another. This is no longer the case. Yes, there are people who will always be there for you: your family and friends. But, in general, we are in this for ourselves. It is true that everybody has a “Just Giving” page nowadays. We have to be seen to care. In reality, though, ask those fundraisers to house a refugee family, or to donate their own money to buy a family living in poverty one hot meal every week, and we are in a totally different situation.

Unity is a concept belonging to the past. The end began with BREXIT. I hang my head when I think about what this country started with that vote. What is so bad about being united, standing together? Why do we think that standing alone is a stronger, safer place to be? Alienating some of our closest allies seems like a terrible idea to me. We are a tiny island. It won’t be long before Scotland breaks away from the rest of the UK. Wales and Northern Ireland, I am sure, will follow shortly thereafter. It’s okay, though, because we are English, and we will be looking after ourselves. I shake my head and sigh.

I am discussing the UK because I am British. But this feeling of unease and dislike for our neighbours is a worldwide phenomenon. Leaders with all the morals of a preying mantis have been elected (and self-appointed) the world over. The tectonic plates of unrest are rubbing and shooting off sparks in all directions. There is only a certain amount of time before the world will shake so hard we all fall into the cracks. Unless we change.

Why not love people who look a little different from us, people who hold different beliefs? What is wrong with acceptance, rather than opposition? I appreciate this is the real world, and my ideas are somewhat fantasist. But wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we could all make a change? I know it won’t happen. The world will be nuked beyond belief before we make friends with our foes. That, apparently, is preferable. I don’t understand it. I wish I could change it.




The challenge my writing group has given me this week is to write seven short stories or poems, inspired by Queen songs. I love this challenge because I’m a huge fan of Queen. The only difficulty is narrowing it down to seven. We can use lyrics from the song, or simply be inspired by the song and build on that. I’ll share my writings over the next few days.

So, onto the first one. I chose the song ‘Innuendo’ because I love the message at its core. It’s a song about breaking down boundaries and living limitless lives. It’s about being accepting of others and fighting for what is right. Plus, it has an amazing flamenco guitar section. Anyway, here is my poem:



Babies born to babies
living on minimum wage,
failed by education;
a system that doesn’t
care . . .

Where is the justice
for those who cannot speak?
Why the apathy
as we pass by the
bundles of people
under cardboard?

We have to keep on fighting,
surrender our egos . . .
The man at the top must lead
the way to love,
or hope cannot survive.
While we rule by blind madness and
the world will never be free,
while our lives are dictated by
false religion
our tempos fall out of
sync with goodness . . .

But you can be anything you want
to be
if we all come together,
stop living according to
race, colour, or
creed; lose our
entitlement greed,
be free to ourselves.

This is my
imploring you, give me
a reason to live or
and I’ll keep on fighting
till the end of time,
till the end of time.