The Fallout

Frayed rope breaking


I wrote this haiku sonnet, based on this quotation: “Mental illness leaves a huge legacy, not just for the person suffering it but for those around them.” -Lysette Anthony


the fallout

another day starts,
bones heavy with night’s trauma,
her blank face breaks hearts

not always easy
to love someone so distant
strength; the cross to bare

hate-filled words hurtle
through air thick with silence and
insults which batter

always fearful of
losing her forever, this
half-lived life kills

shroud of loneliness numbs mind
relationship frays


New Beginnings

Snow pretty


Today, I have tried to write a Lanturne poem. I came across the form a couple of days ago and thought it interesting. So, here is my attempt . . .

New Beginnings


snow falls,


past year’s pains and



The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.

A Blitz

This is my first attempt at a Blitz Poem. I wrote it based on the following traits associated with the star sign Cancer.

Traits: intuitive, sentimental, a challenge to get to know, loyal, able to empathise with pain and suffering, emotional, suspicious, moody, insecure, likes gourmet meals, compassionate, uncommunicative, hyper-sensitive.


Appreciates art

Appreciates gourmet

Gourmet food

Gourmet tastes

Tastes rich

Tastes expensive

Expensive restaurants

Expensive galleries

Galleries of sculpture

Galleries of paintings

Paintings flamboyant

Paintings intricate

Intricate friendships

Intricate relationships

Relationships treasured

Relationships necessary

Necessary bonds

Necessary interactions

Interactions stilted

Interactions cautious

Cautious disclosure

Cautious revealing

Revealing little

Revealing parts

Parts buried

Parts hidden

Hidden depth

Hidden empathy

Empathy great

Empathy never-ending

Never-ending emotion

Never-ending intuitiveness

Intuitiveness and understanding

Intuitiveness and compassion

Compassion courses

Compassion hurts

Hurts hearts

Hurts minds

Minds unknown

Minds strangers

Strangers untrustworthy

Strangers unwelcome

Unwelcome challenges

Unwelcome suspicion

Suspicion festers

Suspicion unspoken

Unspoken greetings

Unspoken dialogue

Dialogue . . .

Greetings . . .

Married In New York


Married in New York

Swamped in dripping heat
two lovers stand
hand in hand,
they move
to cross
the road
to marriage,
on the other
side, they make their vows



Butterfly Form

This form was first created by Michael Degenhardt
Meter is syllabic and in this order: 5/4/3/2/2/2/3/4/5.
Stanza length: 9 lines.

This Too Shall Pass

Bare Branches

A Than Bauk

This Too Shall Pass

Bare branches sway,
shortest day falls;
makes way for spring.


A Than Bauk consists of three lines of four syllables. The nickname for this form of poetry, could be “Stairway”, because of the rhyme steps through the poem. This is the basic rhyme scheme:

O. O. O. a
O. O. a. O
O. a. O. b